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  • Oct 12 2014 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm | Orlando Day Nursery

    Oz RuglessThe Wonderful Oz Returns for a Reprise of his Always Enthralling Computer Tricks & Tips you can actually use!

    Note: This meeting is at the Orlando Day Nursery at 626 Lake Dot Circle.

    Oz Rugless has provided many funfilled, informational, and useful presentations to CFCS members before, and he plans on doing that again.

    He'll pique your interest with a potpourri of ideas, one of which is sure to be just what you were looking for, including:

    * Freeware and shareware you can use, today, that you never knew existed.

    * Shortcut techniques for making your computing easier and breezier.

    * Where to find answers when you're stumped with a computing problem.

    * How to automate routine computing tasks.

    * Programming tips for the experienced programmer and for the newbie.

    * Lots more.

    Be there. You'll walk away smiling, with a pocketful of new ideas you can use right away.

    P.S. Oz has flown around the world to do this presentation for Microsoft. It’s free on Oct. 12!

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